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16th May 10am
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FingerPrint Jewellery @ John Lewis

Come And See Us In...Ten Tiny Toes Pandora Style

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Following on from our very successful launch in John Lewis' premier store at Bluewater Shopping Centre, FingerPrint Jewellery is available in Milton Keynes Welwyn Garden City , Cambridge now offering our products in store, with more stores being added.

And we will be Oxford Street and London Stratford from November 2012 and Brent Cross from March 2013 with more store being added throughout 2013.

In all NINE stores, you will find a selection of jewellery from our FingerPrint Jewellery and Ten Tiny Toes ranges, in the Nursery Department, which you can browse and select from, 7 days a week.

Jewellery, will be on hand, on the dates listed below, to guide you through selected items from our FingerPrint and Ten Tiny Toes ranges, and will be on hand to take your prints too!

You can pre-book an appointment during busy times, or just pop along to see the jewellery, and place your order on the day.

All jewellery orders taken in John
Lewis are delivered back to store approx 4 weeks after your apppointment, we'll keep up updated on progress by email.
Ten Tiny Toes Pandora Charm
FingerPrint Jewellery Dates

Here are the confirmed dates for your diary:

Tel 01322 624 123


Friday 7th February 10-5pm
Friday 21st February 10-5pm
Friday 7th March 10-5pm
Saturday 22nd March 10-5pm
Friday 4th April 10-5pm
Sunday 27th April 11-5pm
Saturday 10th May 10-5pm
Friday 6th June 10-5pm
Saturday 21st June 10-5pm

Milton Keynes
Tel 01908 679171

Sunday 2nd Mar 11-5pm
Sunday 6th April 11-5pm

Sunday 4th May 11-5pm
Sunday 8th June 11-5pm

Sunday 6th July 11-5pm

Saturday 16th August 11-5pm


Welwyn Garden City
Tel 01707 323 456

Sunday 16th Feb 11-5pm
Sunday 16th Mar 11-5pm
Sunday 27th April 11-5pm

Saturday 10th May 11-5pm

Sunday 22nd June 11-5pm

Saturday 26th July 11-5pm

Sunday 24th August 11-5pm

Tel 0844 6931709 

Friday 14th February 11-5pm
Friday 14th March 11- 5pm
Saturday 26 April 11- 5pm
Sunday 11 May 11- 5pm
Saturday 14 June 11- 5pm
Saturday 12th July 11- 5pm
Sunday 17th August 11- 5pm

Oxford Street
Tel 0207 629 7711 

Friday 31st January 11-5pm
Friday 28th February 11-5pm
Tuesday 25th March 11-5pm
Friday 25th April 11-5pm
Monday 12th May 11-5pm
Saturday 21st June 11-5pm

Stratford London
Tel 0208 532 3500

Friday 31st January 11-5pm
Sunday 23rd February 11-5pm
Friday 21st March 11-5pm
Saturday 12th April 11-5pm
Saturday 3rd May 11-5pm
Friday 20 June 11-5pm

Brent Cross
0208 202 6535

Tuesday 28th January 12-5pm
Tuesday 25th Feb 12-5pm
Tuesday 25th March 12-5pm
Tuesday 22nd April 12-5pm
Tuesday 27th May 12-5pm
Tuesday 24th June 12-5pm
Tuesday 29th July 12-5pm
Tuesday 26th August 12-5pm

Peter Jones Sloane Square
Tel 020 7730 3434

Friday 14th February 11-5pm
Saturday 1st March 11-5pm
Thursday 3rd April 11-5pm
Saturday 3rd May 11-5pm
Friday 6 June 11-5pm

Kingston Upon Thames
Tel  0844  693 1743 

Friday 10th Jan 1-4pm  
Friday 7th Feb 12-5pm
Saturday 8th Mar 11-5pm
Tuesday 1st April 11-5pm
Thursday 1st May 11-5pm
Wednesday 4th June 11-5pm

Look out for an updated list covering future dates in 2014, and please check back regularly for new dates being added!

Booking An Appointment!Dream Catcher

Booking a slot is really easy, and is the best way to beat the rush, especially if you are travelling some distance!

Simply telephone the branch on the branch number shown above and ask for the Nursery Department then ask to book an appointment with FingerPrint Jewellery
 on the your preferred date from the list above and they will confirm an appointment for you. Occasionally appointments have been made on dates that we are not in store so to ensure this doesn't happen please double check the date booked is one if those listed above for your chosen store.

If you experience any problems booking appointments please email johnlewis@fingerprint-jewellery.co.uk

Please note that that the range available in John Lewis branches is limited to items that are on display in store.

Other John Lewis Stores...

FingerPrint Jewellery and John Lewis are currently looking into being able to offer the personal service at more John Lewis stores across the UK - so if you and your friends would like to see us in YOUR local branch, then we, and John Lewis, would love to know!

The full list of UK stores is here. Give your local Nursery Department a call, and drop us an email too, and we will see what we can do!
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