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FingerPrint Jewellery is now available in Bluewater, Milton Keynes, Welwyn Garden City, Stratford, Oxford Street, Peter Jones, Cambridge, Kingston and Brent Cross.

In all nine stores, you will find a selection of jewellery from our FingerPrint Jewellery and Ten Tiny Toes ranges, in the Nursery Department, which you can browse and select from, 7 days a week.

A FingerPrint Jewellery Print Taker, will be on hand, on the dates listed below, to guide you through selected items from our FingerPrint and Ten Tiny Toes ranges, and to take your prints too!

We recommend you pre-book an appointment (online) which will give you a timed slot for having your prints taken. Although you can just pop along on the day, appointments are advised, and will be necessary during the busiest days.

All jewellery orders taken in John Lewis are delivered back to store approx 4 weeks after your apppointment, and we will keep you updated throughout by email.

Just click the green button below to book your appointment via the John Lewis website.

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Here are the confirmed dates for your diary:

Friday 8th May
Saturday 13th June
Friday 10th July
Friday 21st August

Saturday 9th May
Friday 22nd May
Friday 5th June
Friday 3rd July
Saturday 18th July
Friday 7th August
Saturday 22nd August

Brent Cross
Tuesday 12th May
Tuesday 9th June
Tuesday 7th July
Tuesday 4th August

Thursday 14th May
Friday 5th June
Tuesday 30th June
Thursday 23rd July
Tuesday 17th August

Peter Jones
Saturday 2nd May
Friday 5th June
Thursday 9th July Tuesday 11th August

Oxford Street
Saturday 9th May
Thursday 25th June Tuesday 21st July Monday 31st August

Saturday 16th May
Friday 12th June Thursday 16th July
Friday 21st August Welwyn Garden City
Saturday 9th May
Sunday 24th May
Sunday 14th June
Saturday 27th June
Saturday 11th July
Sunday 26th July
Sunday 9th August
Sunday 23rd August

Milton Keynes
Wednesday 20th May
Tuesday 2nd June
Saturday 13th June
Thursday 2nd July
Tuesday 21st July
Thursday 30th July
Friday 14th August
Tuesday 25th August

Please note that that the range available in John Lewis branches is limited to items that are on display in store.

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